Pinch Technique

card snap off the right thumb so it winds up being held Detween the first and second fingers of the right hand with the face of the card towards audience.

Second Method:

This procedure is exactly the same except that the spectator does the dealing into the performer's hand. All the performer does while receiving the dealt cards is to keep a break on the selected card in case it is passed by. From here proceed as in the First Method.

Third Method:

This method is preferred by Carmen D'Amico and makes use of the Bottom Bold Steal. The spectator can do the dealing and stop at any time. No breaks need be held as the top or first card dealt off is the selection. After the spectator stops dealing the same procedure is used as in the First Method except in this case the bottom card is the one stolen.

A Slight Difference

A slight difference in the Bottom Bold Steal technique, especially with a small jacket, should be explained. Call it the Pinch Technique using left thumb and base of left forefinger.

1. It is not required to place the deck or packet into the thumb crotch but rather the packet should be held as in Figure 23, which is almost a dealing position. Here the left thumb is at the outer left corner pressing on it to keep the packet in position during the moment the right hand steals out the bottom angled card.

This same position is good for the Bold Steal when making the steal from the center of a small packet. It also can be used with a full deck if such is found necessary for certain deceptions.

Figure 23

Also the angling of the bottom card can be made while the deck or packet is in the position shown in Figure 23. In other words that position need not change, say, as in the Third Method Stop Effect, from the time the spectator deals the last card into your hand. Instead the right hand can come over as if to take the top card while the bottom card is immediately angled. The right hand, of course, does the Bold Steal Moves as in Figure 6.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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