Partial Faro Check

This is a method of using the Partial Faro Shuffle Check in order to quickly get two or three packets of cards with the same number of cards in each packet. Note that the Fourth Finger Table is used to advantage here.

Hold the deck as in Figure 1 and with the right thumb cut off approximately a dozen cards, then In-Weave them as in Figure 59.

Figure 59

2. Now lift up on the right hand portion as in Figure 60 so that the left fourth finger can enter and hold a break below the cards lifted up by the weave.

3. Unweave the right hand packet and drop this packet to the table. The left fourth finger retains a break below the cards originally lifted as in Figure 61.


4. With the right hand cut off the cards above the break and repeat the Partial Faro Check as per Steps 1, 2 and 3, Figures 59 through 61.

5. Cut at the third packet, which is also dropped to the table, and you have three packets of cards each with the same number of cards.

Use of this Partial Faro Check is made in the next chapter of the current volume; Faro Notes.

Another method of doing the Partial Faro Check is that similar to the Table Faro Shuffle. In this case, the right thumb lifts up the weaved cards as the left thumb moves in to obtain the break. The right hand can now unweave its cards while the left thumb maintains the break. A repetition of these actions will give the same results.

Before proceeding with the next Faro term it must be understood that an In Shuffle will double the numeric position of a card while an Out Shuffle will double the position of the card minus one. In other words, a card at the fourth position will become the 8th card after an In Shuffle and the 7th position after an Out Shuffle. Also, In Shuffles or Out Shuffles can be made with a card in either the top or bottom half of the pack.

Obviously in the case of a single card, any method that would give quick In and Out Shuffles, without having to always cut 26, would be quite useful. The method to be described is not only useful but will also serve as a Throw-


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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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