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In this category we will try to show how some of the principles that were used for palming off cards can also be used to j replace them. These replacements can! be applied to any standard palm and in some cases have been devised as, replacements for the Side Steal.

Before proceeding with the various ways of cappingthe deck, we will first describe the Basic Replacement Move:


1. The cards to be replaced are palmed in the right hand in the conventional manner.

2. The left hand holds the pack, face down, with all four fingers curled around right side of deck while the left thumb lies parallel with the left side of the pack.

3. The right hand comes over to square the ends of the pack. The right four fingers will be on the outer end of the pack and the right thumb will lie almost parallel to the inner end of deck, with the ball of the right thumb on the inner left corner.

4. The right four fingers, in squaring the ends, travel to the left until the side of right forefinger touches the tip of left thumb. In this position the palmed cards can be grasped at the outer left and right corners, between the ball of left thumb and tip of the left forefinger. The left second and third fingers move out to engage the left side of the palmed cards. The left fourth finger is alongside but does not touch the palmed packet. The cards are still in the palm of the right hand at this stage, which is still arched over the pack, The position of the left fingers and the palmed packet is shown in Figure 31 where the right hand has been omitted for a clear picture of the left hand at this point.

Figure 31

5. The right hand does not move at this time only the left fingers move inwards, swinging the packet from out of the right palm and onto the pack.

6. When the left fingers pull the top cards onto the deck, do not make the mistake of moving the right thumb. There may be a tendency to stick out the right thumb in order to make room for the palmed packet as it swings onto the pack. This can be avoided, by keeping the right thumb glued to the inner left corner.

It is Steps 1 to 6 that constitute the Basic Replacement Move, and will be referred to as such in the Misdirective Replacements to follow.

The Turn Over

Whenever the performer has a logical reason, or excuse, for turning the pack face up, the Turn Over Replacement may be used. It is easy and thoroughly deceptive.

1. With the hands in position for the Basic Replacement Move, the left fingers pull on the palmed cards while at the same time the left hand starts to turn palm down.

2. The right thumb leaves its position at the inner end of the pack so that the fingers and thumb can meet the outer end of the pack as the left hand turns. This end is taken between the right four fingers on the face of the pack and right thumb on back.

3. Grasping the pack at this end, the right hand slides the deck up and out of the left hand. The right hand continues turning the pack end for end, bringing it face up and back into the left hand. The deck is now face up in the left hand with the palmed cards underneath at the top of the deck.

The whole series of actions from Step 1 to 3 should appear as if you merely turned the deck, lengthwise, face up into the left hand. This replacement can also be used with the Side Steal.

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Fundamentals of Magick

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