Order of Aces

2nd Effect: The cardician predicts the order that the four Aces will come out as dealt from a freely shuffled deck.

1. First of all decide on a definite order of the Aces, from left to right. Suppose you decide on the order of C-H-S-D. On your prediction slip you write "The Aces will come out in Clubs-Hearts-Spades-Diamond order from my left to right.

2. To begin the effect you can show the prediction slip, then hand it to someone to hold. Next, have someone remove the four Aces to mix face down. Next, he is to insert the Aces face down into the deck, then thoroughly shuffle thepack.

3. Take the deck back and hold it face up, tilted so no one else can see the face card, then say that you will deal through the deck and as you come to each Ace you will place it face up on the table, starting on your left and continuing to the right, until all four Aces have thus been dealt.

4. The deal itself consists in merely holding back any Ace or Aces, by using the Unit Control until the correct first

Ace shows up to be dealt. Then the second Ace, in the prediction is next dealt etc. for all the Aces. Perhaps an example may be in order.

5. The pack has just been shuffled and iou are holding it face up for the deal. emember the Aces have to come out in C-H-S-D order as per our example.

6. As I deal along I come across the Ace of Diamonds. Naturally I hold it back via the second deal. The next Ace that comes into view is the AH. Here, I go into a 3rd Deal holding back the AD and AH in that order. Now here comes the AC so I actually deal it out as it is the first card of my prediction. Now I deal just a few more 3rds, then easily take the AH, under control with the AD, to deal if face up alongside the AC. Now the second deal is continued until the AS shows and of course, it is dealt out alongside the other two Aces. Just a few more second deals and now the AD is dealt out thus completing the prediction of C-H-S-D from your left to right.

7. There may be rare occasions when you may have to do a 4th Deal to get that first Ace of the prediction. Also the other three, controlled as a unit, may not be in the right order. For this I make use of what I call the Fan Deal, explananed below, in order to get the added effect that, for some strange reason, the Aces all came together in that order. The above two effects can, of course, be done with the deck face down if you have marked the Aces so they can be recognized from the back.

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