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Object: To palm off the top card while the deck is squared and on the table.

1. Here the deck is resting on the table face down to either the performer's left or right depending on which hand is to be used for the palm off.

2. Assuming the performer wishes to palm off the top card with right hand the pack should be in direct line with right hand with the end of the pack facing performer.

3. The right hand advances forwards, the right fingers extended forward and the right thumb extended to the left as in Figure 1 which shows the right hand just above the deck. The view is from the left side.

Figure 1

4. The tip of the right fourth finger now touches the upper right corner of the top card. Immediately the right hand moves to the right causing the top card to move off the deck sideways, then tip up against the right hand as shown in Figure 2, an exposed left side view.

5. Once the card is felt firmly against the palm, aided by the side of the deck, the right forefinger curls in on top of the deck. The right thumb grasps the back end of the deck in normal position while the right fingers grasp the front end as in Figure 3, which again is an exposed left side view.

6. The right hand can now cut the top portion of the deck and carry it to the right, drop it, then come back for the remainder. This is picked up and

E laced on top of the first half. The right and then moves away with its palmed card.

7. If it is not necessary to cut the deck, the pack is merely moved forward, then the right hand moves away with its card. The whole object is to get an excuse to come near the pack for some reason or another.

8. A light touch is required so as not to disturb the other top cards of the pack during the action.

9. The palm is completely covered from the right side when using the right hand. The opposite is true, of course, when using the left hand.

10. The pack may be positioned so it lies lengthwise in front of the performer, who has his arms more or less folded above table. By unfolding one hand and moving it across the deck, the moves of Steps 4 and 5, Figures 2 and 3, may be executed. The right hand, still parallel to the deck, with fin


gers pointing to the left, only moves the pack slightly forward, after which the right hand returns with a palmed card to its former folded position.

10. Experimentation with the pack at different angles or positions wiJJ aid greatly in ascertaining the best procedure for each individual,

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Fundamentals of Magick

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