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1. The card to be palmed is on the bottom or face of the deck. The deck is held in the right hand in readiness for an overhand shuffle but also in the position necessary for a One-Hand Palm.

2. Start to shuffle the cards into the left hand and when a few cards have been thus shuffled off, stop momentarily to make some appropriate remark.

3. During the above slight stall, the One Hand Palm is made and the shuffle immediately continued. Figure 24 shows the action and position of both hands as the palm is made.

4. Immediately continue the shuffle until all cards have been shuffled into the left hand.

Figure 20

5. The right hand now comes above deck and grasps it by the ends from above, as in Figure 21. The right forefinger is curled on top to give misdirective cover for the palmed card.

Figure 21

6. In order to palm the top card of the deck, the cards should be shuffled with faces of cards towards the left palm, Then perform the above moves from Steps 1 to 5.

7. After the shuffle the cards will be face up in left hand. The right hand, with a palmed card, takes the deck by the lower right corner as in Figure 22.

8. If it is necessary to have the pack face down, the right hand brings the deck to the left hand, then rests its left long side on the left fingertips.

Figure 20


Figure 22

9. Right hand flips the deck over, face down onto the left hand. Immediately the right hand comes over to square deck, then takes it from above as in Figure 21.

In order to palm off several cards, from either the top or face of the deck using the above overhand shuffle action, it is necessary to first obtain a break under the desired number of cards. The break is maintained by the left fourth finger which then straightens out just enough so that the cards are pivoted off the deck at a slight angle as in Figure 23. Note that the left thumb across top of the deck helps in controlling this angle jog.

Figure 23

From here it is merely a matter of taking the cards into the shuffle position and doing the One Hand Palm during the shuffle. The cards being angled makes the palm even easier to execute.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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