One Hand Count Down

Effect: A selected card appears at a selected number.

1. A peeked at card is held under control by the usual break held below it in readiness for the Bold Steal. (See Chapter 4; Side Steal for the mechanics of this move.)

2. The top ten cards of the deck are apparently counted onto the table but actually the first card tossed onto the table is the center or selected card; it being stolen out of the deck by means of the Bold Steal. The remaining nine cards are immediately counted off the deck using the same action as for the Bold Steal. This results in the selected card being the bottom one of the ten cards.

3. The ten card packet is picked up and held in the left hand in the Master Grip Position. The left hand is also held well forward on the table with the elbow resting near the table's edge.

4. A spectator is requested to name any number from one to ten. As an example suppose he says four. Deal the first three cards, using only the left hand to do this, face down on the table. Now the left hand swings inward towards the body, the One Hand Bottom Deal is made, the card landing in front of the performer on the count of four. The selected card is named and the performer turns the tabled card face up for the climax. w

For those who may wish to eliminate using the Bold Steal they can control the selection to the bottom by use of the Double Undercut. Have the top half of the deck cut off by the spectator then pick up the lower half as if using the portion to which they cut. Have a number named but do not restrict the choice to ten; however, not above what is in the left hand. Finish the effect as already explained.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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