One Hand Center Deal

There is no doubt but that privately there have been many attempts at developing a One Hand Center Deal. That none have found their way into print perhaps is due to the fact that a good working method had not been developed by these individuals. The one to be described is not only practical but from a visual standpoint even more deceptive than a two hand Center Deal. It is a Stud type deal but with no visible finger movement usually so common in the run-of-the-mill Stud Deal.

1. The position of the deck in the left hand is exactly that of the Mario Center Deal. Also all the finger positions are identical.

2. The technique used, to ease out the center card, is that explained in the 1st Variation of Mario C.D.. In other words, the left thumb arcs over the top card, then the left second fingertip eases the center card forward and in line with the top card.

3. As the left second fingertip eases out the center card, the left hand is turned palm down. At the same time the two halves are slightly separated which causes the loosened center card to fall out from between the cards to land face up on the table. As the left hand turns palm upwards the two halves are again flush but still maintaining the necessary step at the upper right corner. The left thumb, which has drawn back the top card, now again arcs the top card over for a repetition of the deal.

4. In practice one may find that the center card has at times a tendency to hook itself at the lower left corner of the deck. If this situation persists it is easily remedied by lifting the upper half of the deck, at its inner end, so that a break or separation is made at the inner left corner at the base of the left palm. If you will try the same actions, of loosening the center card with tip of left second finger, the center card will no longer hook at this corner and will fall out of the center even more readily. This idea can even be applied to the two hand center deal to insure an easier release of the center card.

5. Once you have mastered the Center you will find it a lot more difficult to deal off the top card than the center unless you proceed as follows: When a center card is being dealt, the left thumb arcs the top card over very slightly; however, for a top card deal the same action is made until the left hand turns back upwards. Then the left thumb shoves the top card forward as much as possible after which the left thumb swings downwards causing the top card to fall off the deck to land face up onto the table.

6. An effective combination is to use two hands for a regular deal and then use the one hand for the actual Center Deal. It is an ideal procedure for the various "Stop" or "Count Down" effects.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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