New Push Out Bottom Deal

This is an entirely new technique of pushing out the bottom card. There is a minimum of flash to the fingers and in action it is ind├ętectable. Once having mastered it the cardician can veiy easily acquire a much improved method of Double Dealing, a One Hand Bottom Deal, a Stud Deal as well a Bottom Deal Count.

In order that the student can more readily grasp the underlying principles of this deal, the required actions will be purposely exaggerated.

1. The deck is held in the left hand as for the Master Grip.

2. The left three fingers that are alongside the deck should now be moved up till the left second finger touches the side of the left forefinger. All four fin-

Pers will now lie close together as in igure 5 but are still just low enough to let the top card pass over them as in Figure 3.

3, The left thumb now pivots the top card over the side as shown in Figure 3 of the Master Grip.

4. As soon as the top card is over the side, the left second finger presses inward on the bottom card. This pressure is applied to the upper right corner of the bottom card without changing the position of the left three fingers; however, the left second finger will bend slightly at the first knuckle. This applied pressure will cause the bottom card to buckle as in Figure 6. Note that the buckle is greatly exaggerated here for clarity.

Figure 6

5. Once the bottom card has been buckled the left three fingers, as a unit, move slightly forward and to the right. This causes the bottom card to also move forward as in Figure 7 where once more the action is seen greatly exaggerated.

The top card, of course, covers the projecting bottom card that at this point rests on the left fingertips which have straightened slightly. This straightening is only from the first knuckles, not beyond that and constitutes a sort of rocking movement.

6. The right fingers now come over to apparently take the top card. Actually the right second fingertip goes underneath the corner of the bottom card while the right thumb falls on the corner of the top card. The left thumb pulls the top card back onto the deck.

Figure 7

At the same time the right thumb and second finger come together to nip the bottom card and carry it to the right as in Figure 8. This shows the bottom card already dealt out and the top card already pulled back onto the deck as well as the left fingers back to their normal position at the side of the pack.

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