Monte Swindle

A paper clip is placed onto the Ace of Spades. Later it turns out to be one of the red Aces. The effectiveness of the swindle is due to the fact that it is actually impossible to have transferred the clip from one card to another, yet that seems to be the only explanation. It is a fine bit of chicanery to pull the next time you have a pow-wow with another cardician.

1. A paper clip is previously placed, on the right side, at the center, on one of the red Aces. This Ace is the central card of the three, with the Ace of Spades on top as they are held face down in the left hand.

2. The left hand turns palm down and deals off the Ace of Spades face up on the table. The left hand remains palm down.

3. Left fingers push the bottom red Ace forward for half its length. Now toss the two red Aces face up on the table. The overlap of the first red Ace will hide the paper clip on the Ace below.

4. The Ace of Spades is now clipped in an identical manner and position as is the red Ace. Turn the Ace of Spades face down on the table with the clip on the right side.

5. The Left thumb moves in under the two red Aces and the left hand picks up the Aces still in a spread or fanned condition. Keep the left hand palm down. Pull out the bottom Ace, with the right fingers, then transfer it to the top. The curled left fingers, which should be kept close together to avoid windows, will effectively conceal the duplicate clip during the transfer of the card.

6. Turn the left hand palm upward bringing the backs of the cards into view. The bottom card is now the clipped Ace.

7. Obtain a break between the two cards, as in the regular Switcheroo sleight and hold them from above with the right hand.

8. Pick up the Ace of Spades under the two Aces as for the Switch. Turn the cards face up to once more show the Ace of Spades with its clip. It will be noted that the Ace of Spades now conceals the duplicate paper clip on the red Ace.

Note that the Ace of Spades is picked up in the position for the switch similar to Figure 118 and 119.

9. Apparently toss the Ace of Spades face down actually making the switch which will release the red Ace with its clip.

10. The remaining two cards are now squared up from beneath with the left fingers. Immediately extend the left thumb till its tip touches the tip of left second finger. Next remove the top card with the right fingers as you say, "Ace of Spades on the table and two red Aces in the hands." The extended left thumb will automatically cover the paper clip during this maneuver especially if you had placed the clip with its short loop on the back of the Aces.

11. Replace the card from the right hand on top of the card in the left, on the left side. Engage the left second fingernail on the clip in readiness for the Clip Steal. This is done by merely moving in the left 2nd finger until the paper clip comes free of the card and falls into a finger palm position of the left hand or it can be done at the exact time the right hand takes the cards from the left hand. The clip can also be thumb palmed.

12. Have the spectator turn over the tabled card. To his surprise it is a red Ace. Toss the two cards from the hand, (stealing the clip at this time if you wish), face up onto the table to show that the Ace of Spades has been in your hands all along.

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Fundamentals of Magick

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