Misdirection Palm

Around 1946, we were using a move where, while pushing four cards into the center of the pack, the top four cards were palmed off. Because the hand was in the action of pushing in the cards, the palm was never suspected. We were so secretive about this move, that we purposely left it out when writing up a routine called Up Side Down, which used this palm. Since then we have developed the idea even further, applying it to a Selected Card to Pocket routine. Here then are the mechanics of the Misdirection Palm.

1. As already the idea is Merely palming off the top card, or cards, as you seemingly place another card into the center of the pack. It must be mentioned that it is the application of this idea that gives a logical excuse for the action itself.

2. Hold the pack in the left hand and deal off the top card. This card is taken, at the upper right corner, between the right thumb on top, fingers below.

3. Insert the card from the outer end, into the center of the pack.

4. The card is pushed in, for a third of its length, with the right fingers and thumb still holding the upper right corner.

5. The right fingers and thumb now release their hold on the card. A new position is taken with the right hand coming over the deck. The right thumb goes to the inner end of the pack, near the base of the left thumb while the right four fingers, at the outer end, start to push the projecting card in further .

6. When the right four fingers have pushed in the projecting cards for two thirds its length, they move back as a unit to the back end of the pack as in Figure 16 The left thumb moves to the left side of deck. The right thumb maintains its position at the back end of the pack. This backward move is made for the sole purpose of showing the card once more.

7. Now the right four fingers extend for-

Figure 16

ward as a unit and the first phalanx, or pad, of the right fourth finger strikes the upper right corner of the top card. The fingers continue forward to the edge of the inserted card. Because the fourth finger strikes the outer right corner of the top card, the edge of the top card is moved past the outer edge of the deck and downward. This causes the inner end of the card to lever upward and spring into the palm as in Figure 17.

Note that the left thumb is still at the left side of the pack so as not to interfere with the palming of the top card.

Figure 17

8. At this stage the right with the card up against its palm, moves to the right side of the pack in order to again show the projecting card. Not until this card is seen again does the right hand complete pushing in the card. The spectator, keeping his eye on the projected card, will completely miss the palming of the top card.

9. After the card has been pushed in flush with the deck, the right fingers slightly riffle the front end of the deck. Upon completion of the riffle, the right hand drops to the side.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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