Misdirection Packet Palm

The Misdirection Palm can also be used, with a slight change, to palm off several cards such as four Aces.

1. The technique, for this is to obtain a break, under the top five cards, with the fourth finger of left hand. An indifferent card is above the Aces which have previously been apparently placed in different parts of the deck.

2. The bottom card is withdrawn and shown with the remark that the Aces are not on the bottom. This card is then pushed into the center of the pack.

3. The top card is taken and shown. It also is placed into the center of the pack at which time the Aces are palmed. In detail: the left fourth finger pivots the Aces up off the pack as the right fourth finger presses downward, on the outer right comer of the packet to lever them up into the palm. The pivot is very slight and the palm is made just as the single card is being pushed into the deck. After the palm, the right hand moves along the ends of the pack squaring it with the fingertips.

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