Miracle Estimation Peek

Effect: In this, after the spectator has peeked the card, he is handed the deck to shuffle. Performer takes back the deck, looks it over, then holding it face


down starts to take one card at a time into the other hand as he requests spectator to call "Stop" Needless to say that spectator stops at his peeked card.

1. Have 5 cards of one suit in order on top of the deck. As an example, suppose these are Ace to Five of Clubs from top down. Before proceeding, shuffle eleven cards onto the set of 5 cards thus making them 12 to 16 with the 3C at 14th position.

2. Using the Fingertip Estimation Peek the spectator is bound to get one of the five Club cards; therefore, immediately after the peek hand him the pack to shuffle.

3. On getting the deck back you relocate the five club cards, sometimes they are still bunched so this is easy, and arrange them so that the AC is the top card of deck but the 2-3-4 and 5 of clubs are at 13th-14th-15th-16th positions from the top of the deck. The 3C is in the 14th position again. Hold the deck face down in the left hand.

4. Now here is a psychological "Stop" procedure I have used and kept to myself for many years. It will definitely take in a magician as the method is unlike any he is familiar with.

5. Without saying a word, start taking the cards, off the top of the deck, into the right hand one on top of another. Do this rather rapidly for 7 cards. Now while you are taking the next 3 cards, the line "Just tell me when to stop," is delivered. Without hesitation, continue in the same rapid fashion to take the next 4 cards into the right hand. If the timing and patter line is delivered correctly he will call "Stop" just as the 14th card is taken into the right hand. The psychological angle here is such that because of the rapidity of taking the cards they seem to want to stop you before you get to where they think you are trying to arrive.

6. There are now 2 possibles in the left hand and 2 in the right. The AC is on the bottom of the right hand portion. Have the card named. If it is the AC, merely turn over the right hand packet face up against the face down portion in left hand to disclose the card. This is the Veneri Turn first described in Farrelli's Card Magic.

If the 3C or 2C is named, place the left hand portion aside and disclose the card on top of the right hand packet either by a single or Double Turnover. If the 4 or 5 of Clubs is named, the right hand portion is placed aside and again the proper card shown via a Single or Double Turnover. Even if all four possibilities end up on either the left or right hand portion you can still make out through the use of additional lifts.

You should never have to go beyond the 16 cards but if you do, injog the 17th and throw the rest of the deck on top as you comment about the spectator not understanding. Get a break at the injog and shuffle off to the break. This time run off 8 cards and throw back on top. Now run off 7 cards and throw the deck onto them. The AC is still on top but the 2-3-4-5 of Clubs are at 6th to 9th positions.

7. This time say, "Just tell me when to stop", as you rapidly take off the top three cards, then continue to rapidly take the next 4. The spectator should stop you at the 7th card. Obviously you had to bring the set up closer to the top as the spectator by now has been primed to call "Stop" and will do so more readily this second time.

8. If the "Stop" idea frightens you, then you can always re-organize the cards so that 2 are on the bottom and 3 on top. Now through the use of the Side Glide or Lifts you can show the named card. This effect is an ideal follow up to "A Three Locator" as you already have four cards of the one suit. It is merely a matter of placing them into proper position for the Fingertip Estimation Peek.

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