Miracle Card Stab Location

Effect: A spectator peeks at a card. The deck is immediately tabled and fairly riffle shuffled. Cardician takes the top card and inserts it face up into the center of the deck. On spreading the pack it is found that the face up card is right next to the selected card.

The selection of a card is made by use of the Estimation and Glimpse. A Peek Force can also be used as well as the Tilt Glimpse with Estimation. See Fingertip Control for the Tilt Glimpse and Peek Force. Free or otherwise, the selection is made at about the center or 26th position of the deck.

2. Having ascertained the name of the card and also its place in the deck the cards are very fairly squared and tabled for a riffle shuffle.

3. Cut about a dozen cards off the top of the deck and riffle shuffle these in such a manner that the dozen or so cards are actually shuffled throughout the larger portion of the deck. Square the deck and cut it this time into two equal portions or near as equal as you can. Do as even a riffle shuffle as you can, then square up after the shuffle.

The above shuffles will place the selected card somewhere in the lower half of the pack, about a dozen or more cards from the bottom, depending on the evenness of the shuffles; however, with almost fair riffle shuffles the card will be below the top 26 cards. This is the most important part of the existing condition required for the success of the effect.

4. The top card is now turned face up and quickly inserted, into the center of the deck. The pack is then turned face up in the hands for the purpose of spreading it between both hands. As the cards are spread you look for the selection and when it is reached it is moved beneath the spread while at the same time both hands are lowered .

5. The known card is loaded below the indicator card, which is outjogged. The termination of the effect is handled as already explained in the Super Mental Stab effect in steps 9 and 11. See Notes on "Moveable Card Pass" for another method of loading.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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