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Figure 131

down on the deck to keep the top card in place as the left thumb moves out further to the left dragging the second card with it, as shown in Figure 132.

9. The action of the left thumb continues to the left while pressing downwards against the upper left corner of the deck. This downward pressure against the corner of the deck causes the second card to flip out from under the top card and end up in the same position as the top card normally would as already shown in Figure 127,

10. Naturally the actions shown in Figure 131 and Figure 132 are covered by the right hand so that, after the secret maneuver, the right hand seems to be merely taking the top card, as seen in Figure 128 of the Top Card Deal.

Of the above dealing is in reali ty a two handed action; however, to do the deal one hand at all times, put the Principle of the Wrist Action to work and the results are as follows:

1. Turn the hand inwards into a similar position shown in Figure 114 in D'Amico's From Out of Nowhere.

2. With the left thumb, buckle down the top card only slightly, then turn the hand palm up while at the same time dragging the top card, over the corner of the deck, so it ends up as shown in Figure 127.

3. With the card in this position the left hand tosses the card forwards onto the table by merely moving the left forearm, for a short distance, forward and at same time releasing the card with the left thumb.

4. When ready to Second Deal the same Wrist Action is used but, of course, the secret manipulation of Figures 131 and 132 are executed so that the second card is the one that actually comes into view. Of course, it is dealt to table in the same manner as was the top one.

5. If you wish to do the Out of Nowhere effect with this One Hand Second, then you must get the selected card to second from top, in a face up condition in order to reproduce it face up as in the original effect.

Of course, in showing the top and bottom cards you must not expose the card that is face up under the top one.

While the Figures. 131 and 132 show the card coining out at an angle actually you will find the Second Deal easier if the left thumb pulls the 2nd card out straight to the left while the left fingers pull on the right side of the deck. These two opposite actions will cause the second card to clear the top card that much sooner. This action is especially good for the D'Amico Variation. Also the further to the right you buckle the top card, the closer the second card comes in to the crotch of the left thumb which traps the second card and can quickly bring it out from under the top card.

D'Amico's Variation

The mechanics of the One Hand Second Deal just explained, are here used to obtain an entirely different result.

It consists of performing exactly the actions depicted in Figures 130 and 131 except that the 2nd card is pulled straight off the side to the left and brought back on top of the deck. In other words, the second deal actions are used to quickly transpose the top and second cards.

At first, the reader may say to himself of what use is this; however, after reading through some of our ideas below, it's possible you may get others.

A. Color Change

1. Hold the deck face up in the left hand in position for the One Hand Second just described.

2. Hold the right hand, palm flat out and down, about six inches above the pack thus covering it from view for the moment.

3. Under cover of the right hand execute the moves to transpose the face and under card. When the right hand is removed the face card has changed.

4. Work towards as fast a transposition of the top and second cards, as you can but also try to make it as quiet as possible. Practice and experience with the move will eventually give you more than satisfactory results.

B. Production of Selection

1. Have a card selected and control it face up to second from the top.

2. Hold the deck face down in the left hand as the right hand, palm downwards and fingers extended, is held across the top of the deck.

3. Do the moves to transpose top and second cards thus when right hand moves away the selection has appeared magically face up on top of deck.

Production of Aces

1. This is D'Amico's favorite opening Ace effect. Have the four Aces face up under the top face down card. False shuffle and cut, retaining the top stock.

2. Hold the deck face down in the left hand. Now place the pack either under the table, if sitting, or behind your back if standing.

3. While the pack is out of sight do the Transposition Move to get an Ace face up to the top of the deck. Bring the left hand out, show a face up Ace, then deal it face up to table.

4. Repeat the above until all four Aces are thus produced. The quicker you can bring the deck back into view, after being out of sight, the better the effect will register.

Be sure to show that you hold no breaks of any kind. Also, after producing an Ace, show that the Aces are not on the top or bottom of the deck. When showing the top card, of course the deck is held so that the face up Aces are not disclosed.

D. Ambitious

1. Assume you have just supposedly buried the AS in the center of the deck, in an ambitious card routine, but it really is on top of the deck.

1. Do a Double Turnover of the top two rds, as one, onto the top of the deck. With the right hand cover the X card and do the Transposition Move. When the right hand moves away the X card seems to have changed to AS.

3. There are still two cards face up on the deck so you turn them down, as one, bury the top card and you are set to repeat the effect or merely show the AS back on top.

E. A Vanish

1. Turn the top single card face up onto the deck. Bring the right hand palm down over the face up card.

2. Under cover of the right hand do the Transposition Move then move the right hand, cupped as if it had palmed offthe face card,away from the deck.

3. As the face up card is covered the illusion of having taken it is there. Crumple the right fingers and show the card gone.

F. D'Amico's Favorite

1. Secretly Side-Steal a card into the right hand as the deck is held face up in the left hand.

2. Call attention to the face card of the deck. Right hand comes over onto the face of the deck as if to take this card into the right palm. Actually, the right hand leaves its palmed card on the face of the deck, then moves away as if it contained the original face card.

3. Move the right hand down to the right leg at a point just above the knee. At the same time the left hand, holding the deck face up, is placed behind the right leg or thigh.

4. Make a rubbing motion of the right hand against leg. Turn this hand palm up to show the card is gone.

5. During the above actions, of rubbing the card away, the left hand under cover of the right leg does the Transposition Move thus getting the original face card back to the face of the deck.

6. After the right hand is shown empty the left hand comes out from behind the leg to show the card back on the face of the deck.

7. While seems comfortable using the right leg during the vanish and recovery, I find it less awkward to use the left leg, especially when it comes to placing the pack behind the leg. Try both ways and decide which feels best for you.

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