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I have found from experiment that if you make a conscious effort to toss the face up card above the crimp that the actions as described are not only easier but can be done at a slower tempo.

With the card above the crimp the left and right hands first lift straight up but do not separate as yet. This part can be done slowly. Once the packet is lifted both hands move away from each other as explained and the revealment takes place as in D'Amico's method.

One more suggestion, some may find that hitting the crimp position with the right hand is better for them. In this case merely shove the indicator to the left side of the deck just before going into the disclosure of the selection. In D'Amico's hands the effect is a really startling bit of card magic received with great reaction from either laymen or magicians. D'Amico puts the crimp into the deck as follows: The right hand takes off the top card and tosses it face up to the table. Pointing to the card he says, "Hold onto that card." Meantime his left hand, holding the pack, puts in the crimp.

My suggestion is to get a peek made so it is in the /owerthird of the pack. Now you will find this small portion of the pack easier to bend and crimp. Actually to put in such a crimp the whole pack should be bent by pressing down with the left thumb and squeezing in with the left fingers; however, as the pressure is released the cards, above the break only, are eased but the left fingers keep pressing inwards, on the cards below the break, in order to put in the crimp.

The next two effects are those that I have kept to myself for many years but as it depends on a form of timing they are here included. The first is called -

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