Marios Strike Unit Control

I have already described a Push-Off type Unit Control now here is a Strike method which is based on the No Touch Theory.

Hold the deck in the left hand in the identical position to that shown in Figures 192 and 213. Naturally you will be able to deal seconds easy enough but now how about dealing 3rds and 4ths?

2. Let's assume you are dealing the No Touch Second, First Technique, and wish to go into a 3rd deal. You normally bring the top card back flush with the deck after each Second. This time, however, the top card is only brought up just enough so its top edge blends in with the bottom of the white border of the second card.

3. The left thumb now moves up so that its tip is now on the edges of both cards at the same time. As the left thumb is moved the left four fingers keep a firm grip on the pack.

4. The left thumb can now move both

cards, a unit, downwards. The right thumb goes in front of the left thumb exactly as shown in Figure 212 which prevents any contact with the two cards controlled by the left thumb. The result is that only the third card can be dealt. The dealing action is identical to that of a No Touch Second Deal.

5. When it is necessary to deal 4ths, again the left thumb brings back its two cards only up to the white border of the third card. The left fingers press in on the deck to keep not only a firm grip on the deck, but to prevent any slipping of the two cards under control, The left thumb now positions itself so it is in contact with all three cards.

6. Left thumb moves its three cards downwards while the right thumb goes in front of it to now deal the 4th card, Figure 219 shows the 4th card being dealt while the left thumb is controlling three cards in the Strike Unit Control.

7. With a little practice you'll find it incredible as to how quickly you can do a 3rd and 4th deal. In this method, when taking one of the Unit cards, you must keep the others under control at the same time by maintaining pressure with left thumb.

8. The Figure 219 clearly shows three cards under control. These cards, however, if using white borders, will blend together into a single all white border.

9. By making the jogging or stepping of each additional card as minute as possible you can deal beyond 4ths. Matter of fact, you can develop this Strike Method of Unit Control to the point where you can deal as far as 7ths and perhaps further.

10. The important thing to remember in all Unit Controls is that the foremost card of the Unit is the key to the Control. In other words, if you are dealing, say 5ths, the 4th card is the one most under control by the left thumb, This insures that when the 5th card is dealt none of those above it will move out. This is the key to all Unit Controls,

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