Magic Throw

In this presentation there is no selection of a card but the performer names the card or cards that lie next to the face up indicator card.

1. In this the spectator thoroughly shuffles the deck. On getting it back hold it at the sides, do a Side Cut Estimate of 20 cards. Glimpse this card, release it and also glimpse the next card. Square up and remember the names of these two cards. Their approximate position is twenty from the top.

2. Place the deck on the table. Take the top card face up into the right hand and, using the Back End Riffle Estimation, toss in the face up card. Now look at the deck, as if X-Raying it with your eyes, and name the two cards you previously glimpsed. In the by now familiar manner, flip the cards above the indicator face up into the waiting left hand.

3. You should have one of three results. One; both cards could be at the face of the portion in the left hand. Spread cards slightly to see if such is the case. Two; both cards could be on top of the tabled portion. Take a peek at the top card first. If one is there, then the other is right below it. Three; the ideal situation would be the face up indicator between both cards, i.e. one at the face of the left hand packet and the other on top of the tabled portion.

All of the above three methods can also be used in connection with the Knife Stab in which a paper is placed over the top side of the deck and a knife used to stab to the approximate position. You will find, however, from experience that you will do these effects as described more often and what's more, in the event of failure, they are a lot quicker to set up for repeated attempts.

Naturally over the years I have worked out various so called sure fire methods and it is fitting to close this section with these.

The first method devised was that by Carmen D'Amico and included in his proposed D'Amicos' Deviltries manuscript. This is also the method D'Amico showed to Dai Vernon in 1946. I mention this only because of the underlying move which has since been credited to other persons.

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