Lets Start Over

4th Effect: Cardician places four Aces on top of the deck and gives it two Faro Shuffles. He deals out four hands and they should be in the fourth hand; however, on turning it over the Aces are not there. He next turns up the other 3 hands to see if the Aces are among these. Again not in sight. With this he says, "Let's Start Over" and deals off the four top cards of deck which are the four Aces.

1. Show the four Aces and place them on top of the deck.

2. Split the deck for a Faro In Shuffle but doing it so three cards will go on top of the 1st Ace. After the first Faro In Shuffle the 1st Ace will be 4th from top while the others will alternate as usual.

3. Another Faro In Shuffle, a regular one, will now have the 1st Ace 8th from the top while the other three Aces will be every fourth card from the first Ace.

4. As you deal you must count to yourself one to four, then start again from one to four. This is done each time so you will know exactly when to start dealing 2nd, 3rd and 4ths.

5. In this case the first count of four is all fair but on the next count of four you must deal seconds at four. Now continue with count of one etc, but on the count of three you start to deal 3rds and continue to the count of four. The next round you start to deal 4ths at the count of two and continue up to four and then stop.

6. At this stage the four hands, composed of four cards each, are all indifferent cards because all four Aces are now on top of the deck. The rest is working up to the climax with the line "Let's Start Over."

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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