Effect: Performer mixes the cards face up and face down and actually shows this to be the case. Next, he further mixes them up by a couple of shuffles. Needless to say, after all this the deck is shown to be all one way.

The above effect follows the pattern of the Slop Shuffle except use is made of Faro Shuffles and depends on remembering the formula 76-76-67-67.

1. The pack having been shuffled, thumb off 7 cards and turn them face up onto the table. The next batch of cards thumbed off is 6 in number and these are placed face down onto the first 7 face up cards.

2. Repeat Step 1 by thumbing off 7 cards and turning them face up onto the tabled cards, then follow with 6 cards turned face down onto the tabled cards.

3. At this stage the process is reversed in that now the numbers are reversed to 67-67 so that the next batch of cards should consist of 6 cards which are turned face up followed by 7 cards turned face down.

4. Repeat Step 3 with 6 cards face up, then the remaining 7 cards face down.

5. Turn the cards over as you place them in the left hand.

6. Split the deck at 26, which is easy as the two central cards are back to back, then give the deck a Faro Out Shuffle.

7. Repeat with a second cut at 26, again easy as cards are back to back in center, then another Faro Out Shuffle.

8. At this stage half the cards are faceup and half the cards are face down.

9. Any form of Half Pass at the point where the cards meet is used to right the pack after which it is spread to show as all one way.

Second Variation of 76-76-67-67

It is possible to get an added effect of showing all the red and black cards separated after the initial all one way effect.

1. The cards secretly must be arranged in red-black order.

2. Give deck four Perfect Faro Out Shuffles before going into the Slop Shuffle effect.

3. After four Out Shuffles do the 76-7667-67 effect as already outlined.

4. After the conclusion of the effect, turn the deck face towards yourself and quickly displace the 6th and 7th cards which will be of opposite color so that they go into their proper color section.

Do the same with the 13th and 14th cards which also are of opposite color. This slight adjustment takes only a few seconds and will mean nothing even if noticed by someone.

5. Next, perform two Faro Out Shuffles and the cards will now be in two portions of red and black.

6. At this stage you can use the red and black arrangement secretly for another effect or you can show-off by spreading the deck to disclose that the snuffles have not only righted the face up face down cards but that further shuffles have also separated the colors,

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