5. The left hand can toss or deal card to the table or the right hand can come over to take the face up card and deal it out.

One Hand Bottom Deal

1. You will note that during the Top Card Deal the pack is automatically tilted on its side as the left thumb enters below the top card. This action conforms closely to the Bottom Deal.

2. In this case, use the right hand to deal the face up card to the table. Continue with the top card deal until you are ready to the Bottom Deal.

3. The Bottom Deal is made as the right hand is tossing a card to the table. During this the left hand seems to get another top card ready but actually a Bottom Card is brought out from under the deck as follows.

4. With the pack normally on its side, during the deal as explained, the left thumb goes under the deck. Its tip presses against the bottom card near its front end. The pressure is a forward one causing the bottom card to pivot against the left forefinger as shown in Figure 124, an exposed bottom view.

5. The action in Figure 124 is continued. The bottom card will pivot out completely to end up held face up exactly as the top card would be.

6. The timing is important. The bottom card is not dealt until the right hand is dealing its card to the table. Attention should be on the right hand at the time; however, the Bottom Deal itself, done with a slight wrist action, will not be seen even if some one should glance at the left hand at the time.

Figure 124
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