In And Out Switches

In these Switches the hand comes over the tabled card and covers it for a second or two, then moves away apparently with the tabled card remaining unchanged. In all the In and Out Switches a reasonable excuse must be made for the action.

This could be as if you intended to pick up or look at the card but then seemed to change your mind. Other logical rea sons can be invented depending on the effect or result to be obtained. For out and out exhibition purpooses it needs none except to point out how cleverly you manage to exchange or Switch one card for another.

Having given you at least a basis for procedure I will now detail some of these Switches. I must mention that the most important part of these Switches is the way the left fingers hold the tabled card. In this case the left 1st and 2nd fingers are on top of the card, at its inner left corner while the left thumb is under the card. The card is held close to the table. This position will be referred to as the Corner Hold in the descriptions that follow.

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