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1. In any even numbered packet, two cards that are apart half the number of cards in the packet plus one, will mesh or come together if the Faro Shuffle is perfect. This number includes the two cards of course.

2. In the case of 52 cards, any two cards that are apart half that number, plus one will mesh together in a Faro Shuffle. In other words, any two cards that are twenty-seven cards apart, will come together.

3. It is obvious that with two cards being 27 cards apart one will be in the upper half of the deck, the other in the lower half of the deck.

4. To give an extreme example, the top card and the 27th card will mesh together at the top in a perfect shuffle. Also the bottom card and the 27 th card from the bottom will mesh in a perfect shuffle. It stands to reason then, that every pair of cards that are 27 cards apart will mesh or come together.

5. This principle of Half Plus On" will apply to any even numbered packet of cards. In the case of, say, 40 cards, half would be 20 and plus 1 would make it 21; therefore, any two cards 21 cards apart will mesh together.

6. In what order they mesh depends on whether an In or Out Shuffle is given. A card in the upper half of the deck will mesh above the card in the lower half if the pack is given an Out Shuffle. A card in the lower half will mesh above the card in the upper half if the deck is given an In Shuffle.

7. Any two cards that are 27 cards apart, in the case of a full deck again, will mesh together regardless of how many times the pack is cut as long as the cut at 26 and the Faros are perfect.

8. In the above example, you would not know where the two cards are, but by having one of them marked in some way you would not only know where they are but would also be able to mesh them accordingly. You could control the marked card to either above or below the other, unknown, card.

9. Any two groups of cards can be meshed together providing the first card of one group is 27 cards apart from the first card of the other group. Naturally, all succeeding cards of each group automatically are also 27 cards apart.

10. Again, if a marker or key is used in either group, you can then Faro mesh the groups into each other in any desired manner.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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