Marios Routine

1. The patter theme is sort of a "Through the Leg" idea and thus fits the climax logically.

2. Begin the routine by doing D'Amico's Favorite except using the left leg for the rubbing. When the right hand is shown empty you say, "It really didn't vanish -it went right through the leg." Here your left hand moves out from behind left leg to show the card at the face of the deck. This completes the first phase.

3. For the second phase the right fingers Double Lift the two face cards as one as you say, "IH do it again." Here the left hand has turned the deck face down and right hand flips its two cards as one face down on top of the deck.

4. Left thumb pushes the top card over just enough for left 4th finger to get a break below it. The right hand comes over the deck as before but this time actually does take the top card into the right palm.

5. Right hand travels towards the left leg to do the rubbing motion while the left hand goes behind the left thigh.

6. During the rubbing motion, of the right hand, the left hand merely turns the top card of the deck face up under cover of the leg. Now just lift the right hand up and away from left leg, do not show it empty, but immediately bring forth the left hand to show the card return face up on the deck.

7. Without hesitation, say, "I'll do it again." Here the right hand comes over as if to take the face up card but actually the palmed card is added to the deck thus covering the face up card.

8. The right hand again moves to the left leg as the left hand goes behind the left thigh. Repeat the rubbing action with the right hand, this time being sure to turn the hand so the palm is seen empty.

9. The left hand meantime has done the Transpo Move to get the card face up on top. After the right hand is shown empty the left hand comes out with the deck to reveal the card as you remark, "You need rickets to do this."

10. Say, "Some people accuse me of a trick leg. Ill do it with the other leg." Here turn the top card face down onto the deck. Shove this top card over about half its width keeping it in place with the left thumb.

Rest the deck and projecting card onto the right leg just above the knee. Place the right hand directly over and onto the card. Press down on the card with right palm so it actually is pressed against the right leg.

12. Right here you must convey the impression that the card was stolen back onto the deck. You do this by quickly moving the left hand away and turning it so it is palm down. If a magician is watching he will figure you for the usual vanish; however, the card is actually under the right hand.

13. Right hand rubs the leg gently moving the card at the same time. Now move the hand and card just over the right knee. The curve of the knee will force the card up into the right hand which palms it by merely moving in only the right little finger. Thus the card is palmed lightly between the tip of the right 4th finger and base of the right thumb otherwise all fingers are still as straight out as possible.

14. Once the right hand feels the card secure, it moves away from the right leg, then immediately brushes off the trousers at the vanish spot with the backs of the right fingers. The whole manner and action of the right hand conveys emptiness without showing it empty.

The left hand now turns palm up to show the back of the deck. Look surprised, then quickly say, "I'm afraid this leg is a little tougher. The card went only as far as my pocket." Here the right hand has gone into the pocket and is already bringing forth the card, to show it, just as the remarks are completed.

16. The left hand must turn, to show the top of the deck, at the exact moment that the right hand is brushing off the right thigh. This is important if the right hand is not to hang there awkwardly after the vanish. The right hand goes to the pocket immediately after the brushing action.

17. The final vanish just explained can also be used in a Cards To Pocket" routine wherein a specified card is I made to travel to the pocket. (See Mario's Cards to Pocket Routine for details.)

18. Another method of getting a card into the right palm is to twist the right hand so it is across the thigh. This way the curve of thigh is enough to enable the right 4th finger to move in and hold the card in the palm.

Another method of getting a grip on the card is for the right 1 st finger to curl in against the upper left corner of the card. This is held only until the right 4th finger can take over for the brushing action.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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