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Comment: This palm was devised with the idea of using a one hand type of Gambler's Cop except in this case the palm is a full one so that no corner protrudes. Although the hand position may feel and look awkward to a novice, we have been doing it for so long that it doesn't feel or appear that way. With practice you will feel the same.

1. Hold the pack face down in the left hand in a position similar to the Erdnase Bottom Deal Grip except the forefinger and second finger are a little more separated as in Figure 46. The pack is also high up in the crotch of the left thumb.

Figure 46

Figure 46

2. The left third fingertip now moves under the deck to the upper index corner of the bottom card.

3. The left third fingertip now presses inwards on the face of the bottom card until the bottom card buckles away from the deck as in Figure 47.

4. Keep pressing inwards with the left third fingertip until the right side of bottom card touches left palm.

5. The right hand can now take the pack from the left by the lower right corner. The right fingers go under the deck above the palmed card, right thumb on top, to take pack from the left hand.

6. The left third finger must maintain its pressure on the upper index corner on the palmed card in order for the card to remain in a full palm.

7. The left hand can now go into the coat on the right side to reproduce the card apparently from the right inside coat pocket. The back of the left hand has a nice natural unstrained appearance while the card is palmed.

8. Bob Nelson of Chicago uses this palm in this way: Instead of the right hand taking the deck he merely tosses the deck on the table and of course, executing the Full Buckle Palm at the same time.

9. After the pack is shuffled and cut, he then picks it up with the left hand only, thus adding the palmed card back to the bottom.

10. We use this palm for several routines of the "To the Pocket" type and in an Ace Assembly as a vanish move for the last Ace.

Figure 4 7

10. To obscure the movement of the left third finger during the Cop, the left hand should be held so that the left first and second fingers point to the right. In this way all movement is on the performer's side. Also the third left finger should move into position slowly in order to prevent a knuckle flash, of this finger, from the front.

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Fundamentals of Magick

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