For the Top Palm

Few card men realize it, but the giveaway of card palming is not always the palming action but often the manner in which the deck is held or placed on the table after the palm is made.

Most card after a palm, square the deck with all four fingers at the outer end. They hold the deck in this position to drop the deck on the table, with the four fingers still at the outer end of the deck. This, of course, is not natural and an observant person can sense this unnaturalness even if they cannot quite explain it.

The natural method is with the right first finger bent onto the top card of the deck. This is the method used when not palming by almost all cardicians in squaring the deck and placing it on the table. Therefore, after a palm the same procedure should be followed.

Immediately after the palm, bend the right first finger on top of the deck and square up by running the pack, back and forth, the left hand fingers simulating a squaring of the sides. With first finger still bent or curled on top, slap the deck onto the table. The hand then moves away with its palmed cards.

A good position from which to do a One Hand Top Palm and also use this technique is the following:

1. While held in the right hand, rest the deck, on its right edge, on the table with faces of cards to the left.

2. Hold the pack with the fingers at the outer end and thumb at inner end. The position is similar to the One Hand Top Palm shown in Figure 27.

3. The left thumb runs across the upper edge of deck squaring it. From this position you get set.

4. Lift the pack, placing it in the left hand making the one-hand palm, at the same time bending the right first finger on top of deck.

5. Make the two squaring moves as explained and lightly slap deck to table keeping first finger bent throughout.

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