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There have been many methods described for bottom palming and in the majority of cases the pack, after the palm, is always held flat in the left hand to cover the palmed cards. While this is perfectly normal, a throw-off has never been devised to indirectly show that the left hand could not possibly have any cards palmed, before the pack is removed from the left hand. The method we have devised answers not only the this purpose but serves an equally important role and is simply this:

With the cards bottom palmed in the left hand and the pack covering the palmed cards, just before placing the pack down, the right hand comes over and grasps the pack from above. The right forefinger is curled on top of the pack while the second, third and fourth fingers are at the outer end.

The right hand raises the pack to the fingertips of the left hand. The left forefinger curls under the pack in a position similar to that of the right forefinger above.

The left third and fourth fingers are also curled such that the nail of the third finger will be under the pack on the right side. This leaves only the left thumb at the center of left side and left second finger at the center of the right side.

With the left thumb and second finger holding the sides, the pack is apparently squared by the right hand running the pack back and forth between the left thumb and second finger.

It is amazing how the mere shifting of the pack, up to the fingertips of the left1 hand into this position, which is similar to Figure 32 below, will throw off any suspicion of palmed cards. The pack can ! now be placed on the table, given to a spectator or retained in the right hand as the left hand disposes of its palmed cards as desired.

As was mentioned the square-up action serves a double purpose. This secondary purpose is of even greater value when applied at a time when the left fingers move in to curl around the bottom I cards. In most cases the left fingers

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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