First Variation

1. Proceed as per Faro Fooler #11 from Step 1 through Step 9 .

2. At Step J Oyou cut and place the top half to the table but the remaining half you do not shuffle but merely lose the top card to the bottom in a Double Cut. Place this half down on the table.

3. Give the top half to the spectator whose card is in that half. Have the first spectator open his billet to read his number. Have selector count off cards from the top half, onto table, until he reaches that number. Have him name his card, then ask him to turn face up the card at that number.

4. At this the first selector still has some cards left in his hands. Have him count these cards.

5. Whatever this number of cards is, hand the second selector the bottom half of the deck to count down that many cards where, of course, he finds his selection.

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