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This first method makes use of the First Palm Position.

1. The deck is held as in Figure 2 with right hand coming over the deck, all four fingers at the front end and thumb at the back.

2. The left fingers now drop down to form the V opening as explained for the Standard Side Steal. The left third finger enters the opening and pushes the selected card to the right into the right palm.

3. The right hand will feel the card as the left fingers push the card up against it. The right fourth fingertip will feel the upper right corner of the card come in contact first, then as the left second and third fingers continue pushing, the card will pivot on the right

fourth fingertip into the palm. The condition is now as in Figure 52 with the card partly in the palm and partly in the deck with the left fingers still straight out.

4. With the card in the position of Figure 52 the right hand lightly presses down on the side stolen card. This results in both inner corners of the card coming in contact with the palm of the right hand. Now, by a slight contraction of the right hand you will feel the card being trapped into the First Palm Position.

5. The left hand has, of course, retained the deck in the same starting position but as soon as the card is in position of Figure 52 the right hand can move the deck back and forth as the left hand goes into squaring the sides of the deck. Also the right forefinger can be curled momentarily on top of the deck during this supposed side squaring of the deck.

6. The deck is returned to the original position in the left hand and now the right hand moves away as if to square the ends. Actually the palmed card is removed far enough from the deck to get it clear of the deck. At this stage the situation is as in Figure 53 which is what the performer would see if he were looking down at his hands. From the front and right side this is completely covered.


7, Due to the fact that the whole left side of the palmed card is actually away from the palm it becomes an easy matter to move the right hand back to the deck, in a pretense of squaring the ends, getting the card under the deck.

8. The left fingers should remain extended and drop ever so slightly in order to accommodate the card being slipped to the bottom of the deck. The upper end of the card will come in contact with the left forefinger as it is slipped to bottom.

The right hand continues to move towards the left and up against the deck until the palmed card is actually pushed almost flush with deck except for that portion which remains angled at the inner end. Figure 54 shows the exact position of the card with the right hand removed for clarity.

Figure 54

9. With the card in position of Figure 54 it is an easy matter for the left fingers to pull the card in and flush with the deck. To cover the movement of the left fingers, the pack is lifted into a Square Up Position between both hands.

Second Method:

This method follows the exact procedure as the first method but with this difference. Once the card is in the First Palm Position the right hand does not move away but instead the right hand is rotated clockwise, to the right, its right forefinger hugging the top of the deck, until the palmed card clears the deck.

Figure 55 I
Figure 56

Figure 55 shows the appearance of the hands at this stage from the top while Figure 56 shows now the card is about to be slipped under the deck as the right hand once more rotates, this time to the left, so that the palmed card is automatically slipped under the deck.

From here the Two Hand Square Up is used to get card completely under the deck. This rotating idea covers the bottom steal at close quarters when one is looking right down at your hands.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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