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1. The tabled card is lying lengthwise in front of the performer. It is held with the left fingers by the lower left corner as for the Corner Hold. The right hand has a card palmed in the regular position and is resting its fingertips on the edge of table. Situation is shown in Figure 121.

2. The left fingers move its card so the lower right corner of the card is brought towards the performer.


Figure 122

At the same time the right hand, moving close to the table, comes in towards the tabled card as in Figure 122.

3. The palmed card is brought over onto the tabled card. The position of both hands is as in Figure 123. At this point the left fingers still hold onto its card and both cards are more or less in line under the right palm.

4. This is important. The right hand is tilted upwards but during this action the side of the right hand must be firmly pressed against the table thus the hand sort of swings like on a hinge. The left hand, now holding both corners of the two cards, also moves upwards as it follows the right hand.

5. The actions of Step 4 above is for the purpose of looking at the card. During this time the left 1st and 2nd fingers pull upwards on the card nearest the palm or the original palmed card This upward pull on the card is only for about a quarter of an inch as in Figure 124 where you wil note that the left thumb and fingers are still holding onto the corners of both cards.

6. Keeping the cards side-jogged, as in Figure 124, the right hand and left hand swing downwards back to the position shown in Figure 123. At this stage the two cards under the palm will still be side-jogged with the under card being side jogged to the right.

The left fingers now hold onto the corner of the upper card while the length of the right 4th finger is pressed down against the side-jogged under card. The Figure 125 shows a single X denoting the left fingers hold and the three X marks where the right 4th finger, or the side of the right hand, is pressed.

Figure 124
Figure 125

7. All that remains is for the left fingers to hold onto its card as the right hand carries away the under card by merely maintaining pressure against it while the right hand moves back to the position shown in Figure 121. Here you can use the finesse of gripping the two opposite corners of the card between the right 1st finger and palm in order that the palmed card can be brought below the table edge. After a while the palmed card is unloaded by any of the various procedures already explained.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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