First Fooler

Performer divines the names of two or more thought of cards.

1. Have 1st spectator shuffle the deck, then have him think of a card by using the Automatic Placement process.

2. The Automatic Placement makes the first spectator's card 26th in the deck.

3. Cut the deck and using the 26th Card Faro Check you will be looking at the 1st spectator's selection.

4. Remember this 1st spectator's card as you actually do a Faro In Shuffle, The First spectator's card is now on the bottom of the deck and can be retained there; however, in this case it is best to overhand shuffle to lose it.

5. Repeat the Automatic Placement process plus the 26th Card Faro Check on the second spectator.

6. You now know the names of the two cards as you actually go into a Faro In Shuffle which brings second selection to the bottom.

7. If you had kept first selection on the bottom you would now have the two selections on the bottom of the deck.

8. If you had decided to remember the two cards while actually losing them in subsequent shuffles, then you end up by telling the spectators to think of their cards while you name each one. Do not remove the cards from the pack, but name them as if you are reading


their mind not locating their cards.

9. If you had decided to control both cards to the bottom, then you can palm them off as you hand the deck to spectators.

10, Instead of producing the cards from the pocket, you can state that you will cause their thoughts to vanish from the pack.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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