Faro Fooler

Two selected cards are found in each half of the deck at a previously thought of number,

1. Have the pack shuffled and on its return, glimpse the bottom card. Place the deck face down onto the table.

2. Have spectator cut off a small packet of cards from the top of the deck. While you turn around he is to count the cards and remember the number.

3. Turn around, pick up the of the deck, drop it on top of the small packet, then very openly square it up.

4. Remove pencil and paper from your pocket. Hand these to your spectator and have him write down the number henowhas inmind.

5. During Step 4 you have two alternatives. One, you can casually pick up the deck, then turn around so as not to see what the spectator is writing. During this time you count, from the face of the deck, to the original bottom key card and remember the number of cards preceding the key card. Two, you can stand facing the audience as you casually overhand shuffle the cards with the faces towards you. As you shuffle, count the cards until the key card is reached. Remember the number of cards preceding the key card, which, in this case let's assume, is fifteen.

6. Hand the deck out to be shuffled again. During the shuffle, mentally break down the number fifteen to its various keys to denote In and Out Faro Shuffles. In this case, the numbers would come out 2-4-8-15 or three In Shuffles and one Out Shuffle which youremember.

7. On return of the deck have two cards selected by any of the means outlined here or by other methods as long as the two selections become the top and bottom cards of the deck.

8. With both selections on top and bottom go into the calculated perfect Faro Shuffles, as figured in Step 6, in this case 3 In Shuffles and one Out Shuffle.

9. After the shuffles one selection will be 15th from the top while the other selection will be 15th from the bottom as per our example.

10. Cut at 26, Faro Check if you wish, then place the top half onto the table. The remaining half you shuffle to reverse the order of these 26 cards and then place the packet face down along side the other.

Ask the 1 spectator what number he thought of and wrote down.

12. On getting the answer, take off the top 14 cards from each packet using both hands. Hold the 15th card from each packet in each hand. Ask for the selections to be called, then turn the cards face up to reveal them.

Here are 3 more variations of the EleventhFooler.

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