Faro Fooler

Here is a Faro Fooler you can go into after either of the two methods of the Automatic Placement.

1. Control the 26th card to the bottom of the deck using an In Shuffle.

2. Overhand Shuffle the deck so that the bottom selected card is brought to 4th from the top. In other words, be sure to sort of spread last few cards in the shuffle so that the last four are dropped on top thus bringing the selection fourth from the top.

3. Do a Faro Out Shuffle to bring the selection to 7th position. Next, do a Faro In Shuffle to bring card to 14th position from the top.

4. Pass the deck to the spectator to square up perfectly, then take the deck back.

5. Hold the deck face down in the left hand. With right hand, lift off top card, by the ends from above, snapping it face up so it is held by right thumb on upper end on its face while the right fingers are on the back of the card.

6. At the same time, the left thumb merely pulls down on the side of the deck to cause an opening at its upper left corner. It will also be found that if this action is made without any riffling but merely moving the left thumb down the lower three thirds of deck, then pulling downward, a break will be made at about the 12th or 13th card. Into this space place the face up card.

7. Square up the deck pushing the face up card flush into the deck.

8. Now, the deck counting the cards till you come to the face up card which should be right next to the 13th card, on either side. This, of course, is another application of the Automatic Cut or Riffle Principle first explained in the Phoenix magazine.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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