Effect with the Misdirection Palm

As has been pointed out previously, this type of palm has absolutely no logic unless its application makes it appear normal. The Selected Card To Pocket routine that follows shows its application. It is one of our favorite routines.

1. Previous to the routine, the right coat or trouser pocket has two cards. These are put there either by palming or when no one is looking. Both cards face inwards towards the body.

2. Have a card selected or peeked at, then control it to the top by means of the Double Undercut.

3. Say, "I may have cut your card to the top." Make a double lift to show, appar ently, the top card. Note this card's name but do not mention it. As an example, let us say it is the Queen of Hearts. Return the two cards, as one, to the top of the deck.

4. Show the bottom of the pack and call its name. For example, "Is the Four of Spades your card?" Turn the pack face down. Take off the top card and holding it with the back of the card facing the spectator, at about spectator's eye level. Ask them, "Are you sure the Queen of Diamonds is not your card?"

5. If the card is held at the spectator's eye level slightly off to the right and you look directly into spectator's eyes, the identity of the selected card can be seen out of the corner of your right eye. It is important that you do not so much as glance at the card you are holding.

6. Return the card to the top of the pack but now you know its name. Assume it is the King of Clubs, address the selectee as follows: "I do not know what card you selected but I will cause it to go into my pocket." "Watch!"

7. Down riffle the outer left comer of the pack with the ball of the left thumb, Reach into the right pocket, remove one of the two cards there, hold it back towards spectator, look at it yourself and miscall it, "The King of Clubs, right?" Immediately place this card face down on top of the deck and perform a double lift to actually show the King of Clubs. Turn the cards face down on top.

8. Address the spectator once more. "I I will place the King of Clubs back into deck." Here you place the top card into the dek and execute the Misdirection Palm which sends the King of Clubs into the palm of the right hand.

9. Reach into the right pocket, leave behind the palmed card and remove the second indifferent card. Bring the card back outwards and without showing it, place it into the center of the deck as you


say, "I will do it once more. Watch the King of Clubs."

10. Once more riffle the deck. This time be sure they are positive your right hand is empty as you reach into the pocket and slowly remove the actual King of Clubs.

The student can readily see that Step 5 is important if Step 7 is to be effective, also the Misdirection Palm must be done as described to get maximum effect at Step 10.

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