Easy Unit Control

This method of Unit Control may be found much easier to do for some. It has its short-comings as compared to the first method but in most cases you can get the same results.

1. For an example let's suppose you

Figure 192

have the four Aces marked, at extreme upper right and lower left corners, so they can be spotted from the backs.

2. Hold the deck in dealing position with all four fingers at the side of the deck and the side of the left thumb angled at the upper left corner as shown in Figure 192.

3. The left 1st, 2nd and 3rd finger now move down beneath the top edge of the deck. The left 4th finger; however, remains above the top of the deck and

Figure 193

pressing holds the pack firmly against the base of the palm.

4. Step 3 is important because as the left thumb moves the top card over for the deal it will come off as shown in Figure 193 due to the pressure exerted by left 4th finger which acts as a fulcrum point on which the card pivots.

5. The top deal is important as later it will conform to the action of the Unit Control. Keep dealing the top cards until you spot the first marked Ace.

Figure 194

Here the left thumb pulls down the top card of the deck, injogging it as shown in Figure 194.

6. The left thumb then immediately moves over onto the exposed second card and deals it forward as shown in Figure 195. Note that the left 4th finger now not only acts as a fulcrum but keeps and controls the injogged card.

Figure 196

Figure 196

7. With the left hand tilted at the proper angle the deal from the front looks as shown in Figure 196.

8. The right hand comes over to take the card at the upper right corner between the right thumb on top and the first and second fingers below. The card is then dealt in a forward action, onto the table, as shown in Figure 197.

9. The action of dealing 2nds in this manner is continued until you spot the second ace coming up. Again the left thumb pulls down on this card so it becomes injogged with the first ace. Figure 198 shows clearly the two injogged cards as well as the 3rd card being dealt off.

10. The deal is continued until the 3rd

Figure 198

Ace is spotted when it too is pulled down to join the previous two. As the cards increase in number the left thumb actually pulls down each card so it is as flush as possible with the first injogged card. This ensures a fair amount of surface for the left thumb to continue dealing while the left 4th finger continues to control the block of cards that are held back.

11. A block of cards, again say four Aces, can be controlled on top of the deck just as if they were one single

Figure 199

card. All that is necessary is to obtain a break under the four Aces and then move them inwards with the aid of right hand which is above the deck.

12. Now deal out 5ths in this case, until you are ready to deal an Ace. Here the left thumb moves down onto the top Ace and deals it forward and diagonally as in Figure 199 to conform with the rest of the deal.


13, Once the top Ace has been dealt you very easily go into dealing 4ths and so on until all the four Aces have thus been dealt.

14. This Easy Unit Control will enable you to do almost all the effects done with the Mario Unit Control with few exceptions.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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