Easy Palm Transfer

1. With a card or cards palmed in the right hand, the pack is out of the hands on the table. The right hand is placed into the left hand which curls around the right hand in a sort of clasping position as in Figure 36. The palmed cards should not lie beyond the left forefinger when the two hands are together as pictured.

Figure 36

2. The right hand now goes through a slight rubbing motion against the left palm. During this, the right fingers press the palmed packet into the left hand, and the left fingers curl around the sides of the cards.

3. Both hands now separate, the left hand turns inwards, just before the right hand is taken away. The left hand then drops to the side. The packet is now in the left hand in a position across the palm as in Figure 37 and is completely hidden from the front as this hand hangs alongside the left thigh.

Figure 37

4. To transfer the cards back to the right hand is just as simple. Both hands come together again as in Figure 36 when the right hand can re-palm the packet by merely curling the right hand around them. From here the cards can be added back on top of the pack.

The Easy Transfer can be used with the Shuffle Palm. Naturally the Shuffle Palm will place the cards, in approximately the desired position, in the left hand. From here the hands can be brought together, as in Figure 36, the cards being transferred to the regulation palm in the right hand. It is an easy matter to later return the cards to the pack by any one of the replacements previously discussed.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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