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Once the Push Out Bottom Deal has been mastered the Double Deal will come very easily. As this type of deal is very seldom used with a full pack of cards its acquisition should be much easier than the bottom deal itself.

1. Take a small packet of cards, say about twelve, hold them in the left hand in the Master Grip.

2. Push over the top card with the left thumb, into the same position shown earlier in Figure 3.

3. As the right hand approaches to take the top card the left fingers push out the bottom as already explained in Steps Four and Five of the Bottom Deal and shown in Figures 6 and 7. The top and bottom cards should be directly in line with each other.

4. The right fingers, in the Master Deal position, now come over to apparently take the top card. Actually, the right second fingertip goes underneath the projecting corner of the bottom card while the right thumb falls on the projecting corner of the top card.

5. The right thumb and second finger now pinch the two cards together at these corners. The two cards, perfectly aligned to look like one, are dealt to the right at the same time being sure to let the upper ends of these two cards ride along side of the left forefingertip which further insures them coming off in alignment.

As a rule the Double Deal is almost never attempted on the first count but rather after some cards have already been dealt onto the table. In this way should the two cards separate slightly it will not be noticed, but rather be taken for the card, or cards, that have previously been dealt down. A good example for the use of the Double Deal is the following count down effect.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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