Direct Full Palm

1. Hold the deck in regular Mechanic's Grip Dealing position.

2. Turn the top card face up as per the effect at hand.

3. Turn this card face down as you seem to place it to the bottom of the deck but, actually, the card goes into a Full Palm as follows.

4. The card is taken by the right side at its corner with the right hand.

5. The left hand pinches the upper left corner of the deck between the left thumb and the base of the forefinger. All four left fingers straighten out, ostensibly to receive the card from the right hand to the bottom of the deck. The position of the left hand is the same as in Figure 51.

6. The right of course, turns its card face down to apparently place it to the bottom of the deck. Actually, the card is placed directly into a Full Palm as shown in Figure 54, right side view.

7. From the front, the action is completely covered as the left four fingers are held close together.

8. Once the card is in the Full Pam, the right hand takes the deck from above and places it on the table. The palmed card is dealt with as desired.

9. All the actions blend into one continuous sequence of seemingly placing the top card to the bottom, then placing the deck on the table.

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