Deliberate Side Steal

The Deliberate Side-Steal

There are many instances where it is necessary to get a peeked card to the top of the pack. The usual process of first getting the card into the palm, then on top of the deck would be considered cumbersome; therefore the following technique will be found not only effective but ind├ętectable under the closest scrutiny. In fact the whole seems to be the mere action of squaring the deck. Again we emphasize the arch of the hand as against the flat appearance.

Proceed as in The Technical Steal from Step 1 to 9, Figures 1 to 6, but I from this point on, when the card reaches the position shown in Figure 6, the procedure changes.

2. In Figure 6, the right hand is moving the card to the right and so in this particular case the right hand continues the action to the right while at the same time the performer turns his body slightly to the left and the right hand pivots downwards slightly to cover the right side of the deck, exposing more of the top of the deck.

3. Naturally as the right hand moves the card to the right, the card will come clear of the deck as in Figure 8 which shows the performer's view.

At the stage of Figure 8 the right hand will actually be holding the side-

stolen card between the tips of the right 4th finger and right thumb at the card's upper right and lower left corners as in Figure 9 which shows the bottom view of the right hand and left hand. Note how the right side of the stolen card lies parallel to the right forefinger and base of the palm.

Figure 9

5. While Figure 8 shows the performer's view or what is seen from left side, Figure 10 shows the view as seen by your audience.

Figure 10

6, With the stolen card completely out of the deck the right hand raises up ever so slightly as to bring the stolen card on a level with the top of the deck. The right hand then moves to the left as the card is now placed on top of the deck as shown in Figure 11 which shows the replacement begun. Remember the stolen card now slides along the top of the deck.

7. Figure 12 shows how this replacement is invisible even from almost directly in front, if the hands are angled properly.

8. The right hand continues moving to the left until the stolen card is flush with left side of the deck as in Figure 13 which shows a performer's view of deck while Figure 14 shows the audience view from an almost frontal view.

Figure 13

Figure 14

Figure 14

9. As soon as the stolen card is flush with the left side of the deck the right forefinger curls in on top of the deck as in Figure 15.


10. Immediately the right hand lifts the deck into the Two Hand Square Up Position as in Figure 16 to square the sides of the deck, then as an afterthought, the right hand lightly runs over the ends just before lowering the deck back into the left hand into a dealing position. The card is now on top to be used as required.


The Curled Forefinger

The Deliberate Side Steal can be made, providing close attention is paid to the angles, while the right forefinger remains curled on top of the deck at all times. Indeed, it is the perfect throw-off even for those who know quite a bit about Side-Steals.

1. Proceed exactly as for the Technical and Deliberate Side Steal with this exception. After the card has been peeked at, the right hand comes over

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