Delayed One Hand Palm

The card booklet called Off the Top describes a one-hand top palm for several cards and while it is a good palm, its chief fault was the position of the right fingers as the pack was dropped on the table. That is, all four fingers were at the front end of the pack. In order to off-set this, the following handling was thought out.

The usual procedure for doing the one-hand top palm is to take the pack in the right hand and in placing it on the table, the top card is palmed off. Naturally, the four fingers remain on the front end during the whole process. Now take the pack in hand and try it this way.

1. The left hand holds the pack in a loose spread. This spread is about an inch or more in length. The left thumb is on the top card at its center and the left four fingers are at the right side.

2. The left thumb pushes the top card, very slightly, into a diagonal position, that is, so its outer right corner will project over the right side of the deck and the inner left corner will also very slightly project over the pack at this end.

3. The right hand comes over and takes the pack, from above, with all four fingers on the outer end and thumb at the inner end. The ball of the right thumb should be placed on the inner left comer where the top card projects while the fourth fingertip is placed on the outer right corner of the projecting top card.

4. In the above position the right hand removes the deck from the left hand, then moves to place it on the table; however, apparently seeing something there the performer returns the pack into the left hand. It is here, when the pack is returned to the left hand, that the top card is palmed by pressing down on the projecting outer right corner with the I right fourth finger.

5. The right hand, with its palmed card, returns to the table and rubs away some imaginary speck with the fingertips, Returning to the deck, the right hand can now take it, at the extreme ends, in the Top Pam position. The pack is lightly slapped on the table as the right hand moves away with its palmed card.

Those who may desire a method of doing the one hand palm with several cards we. refer to the booklet Offhe Top.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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