Amicos Latest Method

1. Have a card peeked at by the Standard Peek Method holding a break below the selection. In squaring the pack, crimp the inner end of the deck only then table the pack.

2. Take the top card of the deck into the right hand. Now the left thumb riffles the back end of the deck while the right hand tosses its card just anywhere into the center of the deck. It makes no difference if the card lands above or below the crimp.

3. Gently square the deck with the face up indicator projecting to the right. Here you look at the back end to see the position of the crimp. The next actions are what make or break the effect.

4. Ask for the name of the selected card. As soon as the card is called you move both hands towards the tabled deck and here is what happens. The left fingers go for the crimp and at the same time the right hand grasps the indicator at its sides. Both hands move outwards or away from each other as at the same time they rise upwards. The hands are at this stage in the position shown in Figure 38.

Figure 38
Figure 39

5. Both hands continue moving away from each other and then the left hand turns its cards face up while the right fingers snap its card face down as seen in Figure 39. As you can see, what is really happening is that the right hand has pulled out the face up indicator from wherever it originally landed in the pack while the left hand has merely cut to the crimp. The combined actions of both hands as in the Figures give the illusion of actually having picked off the cards up to the indicator.

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