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At times it will be necessary to palm cards counted into the left hand. If one were to count the cards in the same way there would be a definite awkwardness unless one were naturally left handed. So a slight change is made in the method of handling to create a fairly normal look. This method is used by confirmed poker players to mix their hand before to looking at the cards.

1. Assuming you wish to palm off the top card of a packet of five cards, hold the face down packet of five cards with the right hand from above and by the ends. The right forefinger is curled on top, the ball of the thumb is at the inside end. The tips of the right second and third


fingers hold onto the outside end. The fourth finger of right hand merely lies alongside the right third finger.

2. The two hands come together, the left hand, palm up. The left thumb goes on top of the right hand packet, and presses on the top card. As the hands separate the top card is peeled off with the left thumb into the left hand. The count of "One1" is made.

3. As the card is peeled off into the left hand it goes into a position identical with that for the Shuffle Palm, Figure 1 of this chapter.

4. The second card is now peeled off into the left hand, going on top of the first one; however, the left fourth finger obtains and holds a break, at the back, between the two cards.

5. The next two cards are taken into the left hand the same as the others. The fifth card, however, is handled different-

6. So far the left thumb has been peeling off the cards from the right hand into the left. Now the procedure changes. The left thumb moves over to the outer left corner of its cards. The right hand now comes in to the left and slides its single card onto the packet as in Figure 13 which shows the rear view. Note that the bottom card is separated, at the back, by the left fourth finger holding a break.

t Figure 13

7. The right hand, after sliding its card onto the packet, continues moving left until the right third fingertip touches the tip of the left thumb. In this way the hands will completely obscure the outer edge of the packet from the front.

8. Once the hands are in the above position, the left hand turns palm downward at the wrist and falls away with the palmed card, and right hand retains the remainder of the cards and either holds, them still from above, or tosses them face down on the table.

It must be remembered that the cards are counted aloud during the running action of the cards. On the count of five, the left hand steals its card while the right hand retains the packet.

In order to steal a number of one only needs to run the desired number into the Count Cop position. Then the left little finger gets a break above them. The count is then finished and the cards palmed away as already described.

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