Count Cop For Small Packets

Here the Count Cop is used when handling a small packet of cards. The following method and effect have very practical applications.

1. The cards are counted off the deck by the spectator into the performer's left hand.

2. The performer takes the rest of the deck and places it into his right coat pocket.

3. The now counts the cards in the packet. The first four cards are counted, one at a time, into the Count Cop position in the right hand, shown in Figure 12.

4. The fifth card is outjogged over the forefinger. The other cards are counted into the right hand alternately jogged, in. and out, over the jogged cards to obscure them.

5. Near the completion of the count the right fingers buckle the bottom four cards as the left hand adds the last card onto the right hand packet. The left hand immediately takes the right hand packet. That is, the left hand takes the right hand cards just as the last card is slid onto the packet.

6. The right hand, with its palmed cards, goes to the pocket as the cardician says,

I think for this trick we will use eleven cards."

7. The right hand leaves three of the cards in the pocket and comes out with a single card which is added to the packet held by left hand.

8. The supposedly eleven cards, really seven, are false counted as ten. The performer looks perplexed and remarks "I need eleven cards for this trick." He reaches into the right pocket and extracts another card.

9. The eight cards are then false counted as ten. Once more a card is taken out of the pocket and added to the cards, making nine cards in the packet.

10. Again false count the nine cards as ten. Reach into the pocket and take out the tenth card and add it to the packet.

At this stage you will have ten cards again. This time count them as eleven, and say, "Finally, we have the proper number of cards. Will you please count them again?" The spectator counts them as ten, naturally,. Conclude by remarking that as long as you can't seem to get eleven cards you will not attempt the trick.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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