Count Cop Exchange

This enables one to apparently count off and place four Aces down on the table. Actually only one Ace and three indifferent cards make up the packet. The sleight is explained here using a twelve card packet and four Aces as in an Ace Assembly.

1. The four Aces should be at the face of the packet of cards, held face up in the left hand.

2. Obtain a break under the seventh card from the face of the packet. This can be done by spreading the cards, obtaining a break beneath the seventh card and squaring the packet.

3. Deal off the first Ace taking it into the right hand. Deal off the second Ace onto the first, then the third Ace onto these two. In dealing off the fourth Ace the left thumb pushes off all the cards, up to the break, as one. This group of four cards is taken by the right hand onto the other three Aces. The break underneath is maintained between the packets by the right second, third and fourth fingers.

4. At this point all cards are actually in the Count Cop position with the cards above the break consisting of an Ace on the face plus three indifferent cards while the cards below the break are the other three Aces.

5. The right hand moves to the right as if to put the Aces onto the table, then changing your mind the left fingers take the packet from above the break, by the inner left corner as the right hand drops to the side with its three copped Aces.

6. The left hand places the packet face up on the left of the table, then as it comes back, the right hand moves up to meet it. As the hands come together the left hand immediately starts to deal its cards, one at a time, into the right hand and onto the palmed Aces thus covering them as you say, "And, of course over here the twelve indifferent cards."

7. At the conclusion of these moves the three Aces will be on top of the twelve card packet while on the table will be one Ace plus three indifferent cards. Obviously from here any four Ace effect can be accomplished. Also it must be understood that any combination such as two Aces and two indifferent cards or three Aces and one indifferent card, etc. can be utilized.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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