Chosen Card Count Down

Effect: From a fan of face down cards, one is chosen. The value of this card is used to count down into the deck, in which is found a previously selected card.

1. The spectator shuffles the deck, then tables it. Next, he cuts off a packet which he also shuffles.

2. you pick up the remainder and cut it exactly in half or use the Faro Check if you wish, although it isn't necessary.

3. One half is dropped to the table but the other is fanned out or spread into a fan which is held face down by the right hand. During the spreading or fanning of the cards you, of course, count them, thus you know the number. From here you now calculate the number of cards held by the spectator as previously explained. Suppose the number you arrive at is 17.

4. Have another spectator touch anyone of the cards in the face down fan. This card is removed, still face down, with the left hand and as it is tossed face down to the table, the left hand tilts the card just enough to see its face and note its numerical value. Suppose the value is a 9.

5. After the 1st spectator has noted the bottom card of his packet, the pack is assembled. As your estimated position of the spectator's card was 17 and the glimpsed card on the table, a 9, you need to lose 8 cards from the top of the deck to bring estimated selection to an estimated 9th position from the top.

6. Have the value card turned over after first stating that whatever its number you will count down that many cards into the deck.

7. Count 9 cards face down onto the table. Casually glimpse the top 2 cards of the deck as your right thumb ruffles the back end of the deck while you ask spectator to name his card. If it is one of the two top cards disclose it accordingly; i.e. Single card or Double Lift. If it is not any of the top cards you turn over the top card of the tabled packet and that should be the selection; how ever, if you wish you can first pick up this packet and casually glimpse its top 2 cards in the usual right thumb lift at the back end to be sure. This gives you a 4 card leeway with which Mechanical Estimation shoud never fail.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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