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This follows the principle of the Cull Palm as explained in Action Palm, Chapter 2, except in this case it is pos sible to palm out, say four Aces, from the center of the pack.

1. Remove the four Aces and after having them marked, for future identification, insert them into four different parts of the pack in readiness for the Simple Shift as explained in The Cardician.

2. The Simple Shift will result in the four Aces being together somewhere in the center of the deck.

3. Show the bottom cards as you say, "Of course, the Aces are nowhere near the bottom."

4. Show the top cards as you say, "Naturally, they are not at the top either."

5. Steps 3 and 4 should be emphasized to impress on the audience's mind that the Aces are definitely not at the top or bottom but really left in the center.

6. The deck is now turned face up as you comment, "The Aces being in the center of the deck, I will have to memorize their positions."

7. During the above patter line the hands are brought together, as for the Cull Palm, in order that the performer may seemingly scan the faces.

8. The cards are run from hand to hand in the usual manner until the block of four Aces is reached. At this point, the four Aces are jogged inwards as in Figure 48.

9. As soon as the four Aces have been injogged, both hands separate as the performer remarks, "Of course, you understand why I have to memorize the position of the Aces?"

10. Naturally the audience does not, but the momentary separation enables the next move to be done quite easily.

This merely consists in the right fingers relaxing so that the four Aces will fall away from the rest of the cards as in Figure 49. This creates an opening into which the cards from the left hand are now fed as the spreading continues.

Figure 49

This fall away action is also made easier by the right forefinger moving upwards slightly with the cards that rest on it. The action is shown in Figure 50 as the hands are brought together again to continue the spread.

11. Upon completing the run though of the cards, they will be left face up in the right hand with the four Aces next to the palm, having been brought there during the spread action with rest of


cards above it in a rather loose, unsquared appearance.

12. The left hand goes to pat the left side coat pocket as if feeling for something on that side. Left hand then comes back and takes the deck by its inner left corner, the Aces falling away and into right hand. The right hand with its palmed Aces goes to the right trouser pocket to remove a handkerchief and at the same time leaving the Aces behind.

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