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Effect: Performer places a card face up into the deck at any point a spectator desires. The card above the face up card turns out to be a previously selected card.

1. Control a peeked card to the bottom of the deck with one of the Side Steals To The Bottom or simply Double Cut the card at the break to the bottom.

2. As you square the deck get the bottom card into Clip Position.

3. Holding the deck in the right hand with the bottom card secretly clipped, the left thumb pulls off the top card of the deck, then turns it face up in the left hand.

4. The left hand grips the face up card at its upper index corner while the lower right hand corner is run down along the left side of the deck as you say, "As I run this card down the side of the deck you can say 'Stop' at any time you like.

5. When "Stop" is called the lower right corner of the face up card is inserted from the left side of the deck until a part of this corner emerges on the right side of the pack thus the card is inserted face up into the deck at an angle.

6. Once the card has been inserted, the left hand now proceeds to remove the face up card and all those below it. The four left fingers go between the deck and the clipped card while the left thumb presses on upper index corner of the face up card causing it and the cards below it to fall as in Figure 97. Here you will note that the left hand

has moved in far enough so that the left fingertips will be visible on the right side of this packet when it is removed from the bottom of the deck.

The view is as seen from the back and also shows the clipped card just below the remaining cards in right hand.

7, Left hand places its packet onto the table, then comes back to the right in order to line up the clipped card with the rest of the packet in a manner similar to Figure 94.

8, The name of the card is asked, then the packet is turned face up to reveal the selection. Apparently the face up card has located the selected card.

9. In place of the face up card, as per Figure 97, you can use a pen knife or a table knife thus making this a Knife Stab effect.

10. The Stab method described can also be used to force a card or to predict a card. In the case of a prediction use a business card on the blank side of which you have jotted down the name of the bottom card. You must glimpse the bottom card after a spectator's shuffle. From here the procedure is identical as with the card or knife but using the business card instead.

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Fundamentals of Magick

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