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The Figure 40 shows the whole story. Having Angle Palmed a card it can very easily be transferred to the left hand which takes it into a Rear Palm position. Also the reverse is possible. That is a Rear Palmed card in the left hand can be transferred into a right hand Angle Palm. Just study Figure 40 and imagine the action either way. From Angle Palm in the right to Rear Palm in the left. From Rear Palm in the left to Angle Palm in the right.

Figure 40

in passing, we might mention that a Flat Palmed card can very easily be changed into an Angle Palmed card by the following technique.

ft Curl in all the fingers and nip the upper left corner of the palmed card between the right forefinger on top and right second finger below.

2. Next, merely move the clipped card [to the left at the same time extending the right thumb in order to clip card into Angle Palm. The action at this stage is identical to Figure 32 without the pack being in the picture. Note that the right thumbtip touches the tips of the right first and second fingers during the change from Flat Palm to Angle Palm.

Now we will explain a few additional palms. While they are not of the Tabled Variety they will be found quite useful on many occasions. Especially the Direct Rear Palm in connection with which we have outlined several applications of the move.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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