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1. Deck is in the same position of Figure 9 in front of the performer except the right hand is not near the deck at this time.

2. The right hand comes over to touch the deck as in Figure 12. Note that the right thumb is at the center on the left side of the card and the base of the hand is alongside the whole length of the deck.

3. The position of Figure 12 is only momentary as the right thumb moves in to clip the card against the base of the palm, the hand then coming away from the deck. The card is held in a rear palm more or less, although the grip is such that the right long side of the card lies along that part of the palm in line with the right fourth finger. The first joint of the right thumb maintains pressure on the center of the card's left side, thus keeping the palmed card in position.

4. Naturally an excuse of some kind must be made for the hand to come near enough to the deck to steal the card.In most cases the hands coming over to square the sides of the pack as in Figure 13 is reason enough.

Figure 13

5. After the squaring motion of Figure 13, both hands seem to move away from the deck; however, the left hand moves away first in order that the right thumb can come down across the top of the deck to Angle Steal the top card as in Figure 14.

Figure 14

6. To Angle Palm several cards from a tabled deck it is only necessary to bridge all the cards below those that are to be stolen. These lower cards are bridged lengthwise as in Figure 15 while the cards to be palmed remain straight and flat on top.

Figure 15

Figure 15

7. The Angle Palmed cards can lie anywhere from the tips of the fingers to further back within the hand as shown in Figures 16 and 17.

Figure 17

8. Using the idea of bridging the cards as per Step 6, the top card of a small packet of cards can be stolen while they are lying on the table. However, by holding the packet, with the left thumb and forefinger at the extreme ends as in Figure 18, the steal is not only made easier but can be made even while the packet is held off the table.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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