An With The Count Cop For The Left Hand

The effect is to cause a selected card from among five blue-backed cards to vanish and appear, face up in a red-backed deck. It is performed as follows:

1. Show the red deck freely and place it, faces towards your body, in the left coat pocket.

2. Take five blue-backed cards and have a card selected. Control it to the top of the packet.

3. Count the five cards to apparently show that there are really only five. The Count Cop is made and the left hand goes to the left pocket to obtain the red deck.

4. While the left hand is in the pocket, it shoves the palmed card somewhere in the deck's center. It will then of course be backwards in the deck. The left hand then brings out the deck with the request that someone hold it.

5. The five blue cards, really four now, are false counted as five. This subtlety will convince the audience that everything is still as it was.

6. The selected card is now named. The performer seemingly causes it to vanish leaving only four cards.

7. The spectator, with the red deck, is asked to spread the cards. In the center, face up, is the card that had just vanished from among the blue ones.

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